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Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

Solar modules: analyze pollution exactly

Solar modules: analyze pollution exactly

7/17/17, 2:03 PM -
Solar generators need neither maintenance nor care: For years this fairy tale has been spread, the reality looks different. Solar generators consist of solar modules, which in turn have large glass surfaces. Whether and how they need to be cleaned can only result in a professional assessment on site.
It needs a careful assessment on site to decide whether polluted solar modules have to be cleaned or not.
It needs a careful assessment on site to decide whether polluted solar panels have to be cleaned.
Depending on the location and the neighborhood, the front glasses of the solar modules have to be cleaned - sometimes only once in several years, sometimes every spring, sometimes every few weeks, or never. This depends on the extent to which the contamination reduces the yield.

Analyze type and strength of the pollution

Whether solar modules are polluted depends on local conditions. Normally in Middle Europe the problem is uncritical, the modules hardly pollute. However, if there is a sawmill or a cow shed in the neighborhood, the modules may develop considerable dirt layers.
Fine dusts (sawmill) can be the cause. When it rains, the dust combines with the precipitate to form a greasy, sticky mash. It also dries and heats up during the operation of the solar modules. Because the polluted areas are darker, they heat up more than the solar modules during operation anyway. Dust and dirt are preferably fixed to the frame edge of the modules, which is located at the sloping roof at the bottom.

Do not underestimate the influence of neighbors

Livestock releases a great deal of ammonia, as an exhalation of pigs, cows, or poultry. The ammonia combines with dusts in the air and settles on the solar modules as a thick, solid film which attracts the passing dust. He can hardly deal with water alone.
Manufacturing in the neighborhood can also strongly pollute the solar system, such as dusts from a foundry or emissions from a power station. Depending on the type and degree of pollution, you should design a cleaning plan to keep the solar generator regularly maintained.
Not to forget: Also animal droppings (birds, mice, marten, raccoons) or nests are considered as pollution, which are found during the inspection. It is necessary to check to what extent such pollution can be prevented by wire fences or other access barriers in the future. (HS/HCN)
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