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Freitag, 4. August 2017

Self-consumption drives Moroccan PV market

Self-consumption drives Moroccan PV market

8/1/17, 2:00 PM -
Luxor Solar sees good business opportunities in Morocco, since there is a high demand for self-consumption. The German based company has gained a Moroccan distributor and realised its first project for solar irrigation.
A ground-mount system with 65 kW has been built in Beni Mellal to irrigate the agricultural land.
A ground-mount system with 65 kW has been built in Beni Mellal to irrigate 10 hectares of agricultural land.
An open land system with 65 kW has been built in Beni Mellal to irrigate the agricultural land. Luxor Ecoline polycrystalline modules with 260 W have been used for the system in the central region of Morocco.

Distributor specialized in agricultural solar irrigation

AE Photonics Sarl based in Casablanca will represent the German solar module brand in Morocco as an official distributor of Luxor Solar. The company that was founded in 2010 has extensive experience in the design and construction of off-grid and on-grid PV systems. AE Photonics has specialised in the construction of solar systems with solar pumps for the irrigation of agricultural land. The solar pump systems are suitable for the extraction of surface water and for water depths of up to 160 metres.

Full self-consumption - exptected yield of 2.200 kWh/kW

The project in Beni Mellal uses the solar power generated in combination with Lorentz pumps to extract water from a 125 m deep well and use it to irrigate 10 hectares of land for crops like oranges or olive trees. “The solar power is fully self-consumed”, explains Panagiotis Dimitriou from Luxor Solar. The project is financed without subsidies. The polycrystalline 60-cell solar modules with a nominal power of 260 W and a comparatively low voltage makes it possible to install more modules per row and thus lay out the inverters in a more economically efficient manner”, Dimitriou says. The expected yield of the installation is 2.200 kWh/KW, he states. Delta inverters are installed, the mounting systems are locally manufactured.

Sales of 2 MW expected for this year

The Moroccan solar market has relatively good legislation for regional conditions for the promotion of renewable energies according to Luxor. The legislation allows any legal or natural person to produce energy from renewable energy sources. Electricity can be produced for private consumption. Decentralised systems are therefore primarily realised for private consumption. “With its broad portfolio of high-performance modules, Luxor Solar envisages good opportunities for growth in the northern African country”, Dimitriou says. Sales expectations are around 2 MW for 2017. The total installed PV capacity in Morocco is roughly 20 MW so far. (HCN)
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