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Dienstag, 1. August 2017

Solar modules: higher performance, more intelligence

Solar modules: higher performance, more intelligence

7/28/17, 2:23 PM -
Demand for solar modules is growing strongly. Our PV Guided Tours at Intersolar Europe showed the pioneers in innovation. A look for those who stayed at home.
Solar expert Götz Fischbeck guided our readers to innovative solar module manufacturers.
Solar expert Götz Fischbeck guided our readers to innovative solar module manufacturers.
After meagre years, the readers of pv Europe could find numerous exciting new solar modules at this year's Intersolar in Munich. Our PV Guided Tours, led by solar expert Götz Fischbeck, presented interesting innovations.

Twin Peak 2 series of REC

With the Twin Peak 2 module series, REC brought the new half-cell modules to Munich. The multicrystalline panels of 72 perc cells provide up to 350 watts. The completely black module BLK2 brings it up to 285 watts.

Powerful solar modules from Wismar

CS Wismar Sonnenstromfabrik places 60 mono-perc cells in glass-glass modules that provide 300 watts. With 72 cells they achieve 355 watts. "Customers want more modules, including the wholesalers," confirmed Managing Director Bernhard Weilharter. "This gate is now open and wide, which extends new opportunities for us." Through PV Guided Tours he had the chance to talk to potential buyers, installers, traders and projectors - despite the small, somewhat hidden measuring stand. "That worked very well."
New solar panel from CS Wismar Sonnenstromfabrik

Axsun offers special formats

Solar panel manufacturer Axsun focuses on special constructions, on narrow or special geometric solar module formats according to customer requirements. The 36-cell AX M-36 3.2 Premium is supplied as a laminate or framed. The cover glass consists of 3.2 mm thick, tempered safety glass. Two versions (white and silver) are made.
The AX M-54 3.2 Premium Black Highpower has a smart connection socket from Solaredge. The integrated performance optimizer tickles up to 25 percent higher yields from the module. In addition to the 3.2 millimeters of safety glass on the front, a  40 millimeter thick aluminum frame ensures high stiffness and stability.

SI with modular junction boxes

SI modules from Freiburg has a modular system of junction boxes (Tigo) in the portfolio. They are equipped according to customer requirements. Starting with the integrated monitoring, the intelligence in the socket can be expanded: with DC-side safety shutdown or optimized MPP tracking with shading.
Luxor Solar

Luxor Solar combines security and intelligence

At Luxor Solar, the SecureLine Black EDT with a power output between 280 and 290 watts was the main focus of attention. These double-glass modules offer black optics and monocrystalline cells. Particularly interesting is the special sealing of the edges and the specially developed lamination process. The module is more like a laminated glass than a conventional solar panel and is therefore highly durable. On request, Luxor also supplies its products with the intelligent connector boxes of Solaredge.

JinkoSolar relies on smart solar modules

The smart solar panels of JinkoSolar isolate the cells inside the module and increase the DC output current to match the string voltage. It thus allows the independent operation of each cell group with its own maximum performance point. The Eagle MX monocrystalline module with this technology delivers up to 295 watts. The solar modules are compatible with any inverter, since the optimization is already integrated in the module. Jinko uses Perc cells, the back of which is passivated with aluminum. As a result, the rear side acts as a mirror, which throws the light back into the semiconductor. The MX-Smart technology provides MPP tracking on cell level. Hot spots are excluded, with partial shading, these modules deliver higher yields than non-optimized panels.

AleoSolar brings bifazial Perc cells

With its X line, AleoSolar offers new high-performance solar modules with 60 bifacia lPerc cells and slim frames. In the late summer, the modules should be available in black as X59 and X79. In addition, Aleo plans to offer the S79 module from September 2017 with a performance optimizer (Solaredge).

Sunbrush: Mobile systems for cleaning

Sunbrush mobil GmbH develops, produces and sells cleaning brushes for photovoltaic plants and for facade cleaning. Founded in 2009 by Managing Director Franz Ehleuter in Lachen (Bavaria), the company has developed the technology itself and operates its own test center.
Various systems for solar module cleaning were presented in Munich. The brush length varies between four and eight meters, its diameter is 300 millimeters. The brushes are driven fully hydraulically by means of a tractor capable of providing the corresponding hydraulic power. (PF/HS/HCN)
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